Meaning of LAWRENCE in English


I. biographical name David 1888-1973 American journalist, II. biographical name D(avid) H(erbert) 1885-1930 English novelist, Lawrencian or Lawrentian or Laurentian adjective III. biographical name Ernest Orlando 1901-1958 American physicist, IV. biographical name Gertrude 1898-1952 originally Gertrud Alexandra Dagmar ~ Klasen English actress, V. biographical name James 1781-1813 American naval officer, VI. biographical name Sir Thomas 1769-1830 English painter, VII. biographical name T(homas) E(dward) 1888-1935 ~ of Arabia later surname Shaw British archaeologist, soldier, & writer, VIII. geographical name town central Indiana NE of Indianapolis population 38,915, city NE Kansas WSW of Kansas City population 80,098, city NE corner of Massachusetts population 72,043

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