Meaning of MEDIA in English


me ‧ di ‧ a S2 W2 AC /ˈmiːdiə/ BrE AmE noun

[ Date: 1900-2000 ; Origin: Plural of ↑ medium 2 ]

1 . the media all the organizations, such as television, radio, and newspapers, that provide news and information for the public, or the people who do this work:

The scandal was widely reported in the national media.

The role of the news media in forming public opinion is very important.

The 11-day trial generated intense media interest.

A great deal of media hype surrounded the release of the group’s latest CD.

There will be another war somewhere else and the whole international media circus will move on.


People sometimes use a singular verb after media but it is better to use a plural verb:

The media were widely distrusted.

2 . the plural of ↑ medium ⇨ ↑ mass media , ↑ multimedia

• • •



▪ the national/local media

The case received enormous publicity in the national media.

▪ the news media

Does the news media have a role in forming public opinion?

▪ the mass media (=television, newspapers etc, which are seen by many people)

The mass media has helped to call attention to environmental issues.

▪ the mainstream/popular media (=television, newspapers etc, that most people are able to see or read)

Few of these events were reported in the mainstream media.

■ media + NOUN

▪ media attention/coverage/interest etc

The tragedy received worldwide media attention.

▪ a media campaign (=when something is deliberately reported or advertised in the media a lot)

a media campaign aimed at reducing drunk driving

▪ a media blitz (=when something is deliberately reported or advertised in the media a lot, in a small amount of time)

The candidate’s media blitz has certainly raised his profile in the election.

▪ media hype (=when the media give something too much attention and try to make it seem more important or better than it really is)

the media hype surrounding the match against France

▪ a media circus (=a disapproving phrase for all the people from the media who report events, and all the attention they give to these events)

There is likely to be a media circus outside the courtroom.

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