Meaning of OUTLET in English

out ‧ let /ˈaʊtlet, -lət/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

1 . a way of expressing or getting rid of strong feelings

outlet for

Is football a good outlet for men’s aggression?

an outlet for creativity

2 .

a) formal a shop, company, or organization through which products are sold:

Benetton has retail outlets in every major European city.

a fast-food outlet

b) a shop that sells things for less than the usual price, especially things from a particular company or things of a particular type

3 . American English a place on a wall where you can connect electrical equipment to the supply of electricity SYN power point British English

4 . a pipe or hole through which something such as a liquid or gas can flow out:

a waste water outlet

• • •


▪ shop especially British English , store especially American English a building or place where things are sold:

She's gone to the shops to get some milk.


a clothes shop


Our local store has sold out of sugar for making jam.

▪ boutique a small shop that sells fashionable clothes or other objects:

a little boutique which specializes in bath products.

▪ superstore British English a very large shop, especially one that is built outside the centre of a city:

Out -of-town superstores have taken business away from shops in the city centre.

▪ department store a very large shop that is divided into several big parts, each of which sells one type of thing, such as clothes, furniture, or kitchen equipment:

He went around all the big department stores in Oxford Street.

▪ supermarket ( also grocery store American English ) a very large shop that sells food, drinks, and things that people need regularly in their homes:

Supermarkets have cut down the number of plastic bags they distribute by 50%.

▪ salon a shop where you can get your hair washed, cut curled etc

▪ garden centre British English , nursery especially American English a place that sells a wide range of plants, seeds, and things for your garden:

Your local garden centre can advise you on which plants to grow.

▪ outlet formal a shop that sells things for less than the usual price, especially things from a particular company or things of a particular type:

The book is available from most retail outlets.

▪ market an area, usually outdoors, where people buy and sell many different types of things:

I usually buy our vegetables at the market – they're much cheaper there.

▪ mall especially American English a large area where there are a lot of shops, especially a large building:

A new restaurant has opened at the mall.


We used to hang around together at the mall.

▪ strip mall American English a row of shops built together, with a large area for parking cars in front of it:

Strip malls can seem rather impersonal.

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