Meaning of OUTLET in English

Synonyms and related words :

abreaction, access, acting-out, aisle, alley, ambulatory, aperture, arcade, artery, avenue, bill of sale, blowhole, break, breakout, broaching, catharsis, cavity, channel, chasm, check, chute, clearing, cleft, cloister, colonnade, communication, conduit, connection, corridor, covered way, crack, debouch, defile, deliverance, delivery, demand, discharge, disclosure, door, egress, emergence, emotional release, emunctory, escape, escape hatch, escapism, estuary, evasion, exhaust, exit, extrication, fenestra, ferry, fistula, flight, floodgate, flume, fontanel, foramen, ford, freeing, gallery, gap, gape, gat, getaway, gulf, hiatus, hole, hollow, inlet, interchange, intersection, interval, issuance, issue, jailbreak, junction, lacuna, lane, laying open, leak, leakage, liberation, loophole, market, mass market, motor abreaction, opening, opening up, orifice, out, outcome, outfall, outgate, outgo, overpass, pass, passage, passageway, pore, port, portico, prisonbreak, psychocatharsis, psychodrama, purgation, railroad tunnel, release, release therapy, relief, rescue, retail, retailer, riddance, sale, sally port, setting-free, shop, showroom, slot, sluice, space, spiracle, split, spout, stoma, store, tap, throwing open, tie-in, traject, trajet, tunnel, turnover, uncorking, underpass, unstopping, vent, ventage, venthole, vomitory, way out, weir, wholesale, yawn

Moby thesaurus English vocabulary.      Английский словарь Moby Тезаурус .