Meaning of RECEIVER in English

re ‧ ceiv ‧ er /rɪˈsiːvə $ -ər/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

[ Word Family: noun : ↑ receipt , receipts, ↑ receiver , ↑ reception , ↑ receivership , ↑ receiving , ↑ receptionist , ↑ receptor ; adjective : ↑ receptive ≠ UNRECEPTIVE , ↑ received ; verb : ↑ receive ]

1 . TELEPHONE the part of a telephone that you hold next to your mouth and ear ⇨ handset

pick up/lift the receiver

She picked up the receiver and dialled his number.

put down/replace the receiver

2 . BUSINESS British English someone who is officially in charge of a business or company that is ↑ bankrupt

an official/administrative receiver

The business is in the hands of the receivers.

3 . STOLEN PROPERTY someone who buys and sells stolen property

4 . RADIO formal a radio or television, or other equipment which receives signals:

a satellite receiver

5 . AMERICAN FOOTBALL a player in American football who is in a position to catch the ball

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▪ phone ( also telephone formal ):

My wife was talking to someone on the phone.


What's your home phone number?


The nearest telephone was in the school secretary's office.

▪ mobile phone British English ( also mobile informal ) a telephone that you can carry with you, that works by using a network of radio stations to pass on signals:

Even children as young as eight have mobile phones.


She always has her mobile switched off.

▪ cell phone American English ( also cell informal ) a mobile phone:

You can reach me on my cell phone.

▪ voice mail a system that records messages so that you can listen to them on your phone:

Let me check my voice mail.

▪ text message ( also text , SMS ) a message from someone that you can read on your mobile phone:

I got a text from Paul.

▪ landline a telephone that uses wires – used when comparing this with a mobile phone:

Calls cost 25p from a landline, more from a mobile phone.

▪ receiver the part of a telephone that you pick up to listen and talk:

She put down the receiver and started crying.

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