Meaning of SKIRT in English


I. skirt 1 S3 /skɜːt $ skɜːrt/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

[ Date: 1200-1300 ; Language: Old Norse ; Origin: skyrta 'shirt' ]

1 . a piece of outer clothing worn by women and girls, which hangs down from the waist like the bottom part of a dress:

She wore a white blouse and a plain black skirt.

leather/pleated/cotton etc skirt

a green velvet skirt

short/long skirt

a short skirt and high heels

2 . ( also skirts [plural] ) old-fashioned the part of a dress or coat that hangs down from the waist

3 . the skirts of a forest/hill/village etc British English the outside edge of a forest etc SYN outskirts

4 . a bit of skirt British English informal not polite an offensive expression meaning an attractive woman

II. skirt 2 BrE AmE ( also skirt around/round ) verb [transitive]

1 . to go around the outside edge of a place or area:

The old footpath skirts around the village.

2 . to avoid talking about an important subject, especially because it is difficult or embarrassing – used to show disapproval:

a disappointing speech that skirted around all the main issues

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