Meaning of VEIN in English


vein /veɪn/ BrE AmE noun

[ Date: 1200-1300 ; Language: Old French ; Origin: veine , from Latin vena ]

1 . [countable] one of the tubes which carries blood to your heart from other parts of your body ⇨ artery :

the pulmonary vein

She felt the blood racing through her veins as they kissed.

2 . [countable] one of the thin lines on a leaf or on an insect’s wing

3 . [countable] one of the thin lines on a piece of cheese or some types of stone

4 . [countable] a thin layer of a valuable metal or mineral which is contained in rock

vein of

veins of gold

5 . in a ... vein in a particular style of speaking or writing about something

in the same vein/in a similar vein

There was more humour, in much the same vein.

in a serious/light-hearted etc vein

poems in a lighter vein

6 . a vein of humour/malice etc a small amount of humour etc:

In voicing our fear of old age, Rivers has discovered a rich vein of comedy.

⇨ ↑ deep vein thrombosis , ↑ varicose veins

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