Meaning of VICIOUS in English


vi ‧ cious /ˈvɪʃəs/ BrE AmE adjective

[ Date: 1300-1400 ; Language: Old French ; Origin: vicieux , from Latin vitiosus 'full of faults' , from vitium ; ⇨ ↑ vice ]

1 . violent and cruel in a way that hurts someone physically:

a vicious murder

a vicious killer

Keep away from that dog, he can be vicious.

2 . very unkind in a way that is intended to hurt someone’s feelings or make their character seem bad SYN malicious :

Sarah can be quite vicious at times.

a vicious personal attack on the Duchess

She was shocked by the vicious tone in his voice.

3 . unpleasantly strong or severe SYN violent :

a vicious gust of wind

a vicious headache

—viciously adverb :

He twisted her arm viciously.

—viciousness noun [uncountable]

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