Meaning of WHERE in English

where S1 W1 /weə $ wer/ BrE AmE adverb , conjunction , pronoun

[ Language: Old English ; Origin: hwær ]

1 . in or to which place:

Where are you going?

Where do they live?

Do you know where my glasses are?

Where would you like to sit?

where (...) to/from

Where have you come from?

‘We’re going on a long journey.’ ‘Where to?’

where to do something

They’re easy to find, if you know where to look.

where on earth/in the world etc (=used for emphasis when you are surprised, angry etc)

Where on earth have you been all this time?

2 . used to talk about a particular place:

She was standing exactly where you are standing now.

Stay where you are.

This is the place where I hid the key.

In 1963 we moved to Boston, where my grandparents lived.

3 . used to talk about a particular stage in a process, conversation, story etc:

The treatment will continue until the patient reaches the point where he can walk correctly and safely.

You are saying that everyone should be equal, and this is where I disagree.

Now, where were we? Oh yes, we were talking about John.

4 . used to ask or talk about the origin of something or someone:

Where does the word ‘super’ come from?

Where does this man get the money to keep two houses?

I wonder where he gets these strange ideas.

5 . used to say that one person, thing, opinion etc is different from another:

Where others might have been satisfied, Dawson had higher ambitions.

6 . in or to any place SYN wherever :

You can sit where you like.

You’re free to go where you please.

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