Meaning of WHERE in English

adv., conj., pron., & n.


1. in or to what place or position? (where is the milk?; where are you going?).

2 in what direction or respect? (where does the argument lead?; where does it concern us?).

3 in what book etc.?; from whom? (where did you read that?; where did you hear that?).

4 in what situation or condition? (where does that leave us?).

--rel.adv. (prec. by place etc.) in or to which (places where they meet).


1. in or to the or any place, direction, or respect in which (go where you like; that is where you are wrong; delete where applicable).

2 and there (reached Crewe, where the car broke down).

--pron. what place? (where do you come from?; where are you going to?).

--n. place; scene of something (see WHEN n.).

Etymology: OE hw{aelig}r, hwar

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