Meaning of YARD in English

yard S2 W2 /jɑːd $ jɑːrd/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

[ Sense 1: Language: Old English ; Origin: geard , gierd 'stick' ]

[ Sense 2-4: Language: Old English ; Origin: geard 'enclosed area' ]

1 . MEASURE ( written abbreviation yd ) a unit for measuring length, equal to three feet or 0.91 metres:

a hundred yards away

an area of 9,000 square yards

2 . ENCLOSED AREA an enclosed area next to a building or group of buildings, used for a special purpose, activity, or business:

a builder’s yard

a timber yard

prison/school yard (=an area outside a prison or school where prisoners or students do activities outdoors)

3 . GARDEN American English the area around a house, usually covered with grass SYN garden British English

front/back yard

The kids were playing in the back yard.

4 . BACK OF HOUSE British English an enclosed area without grass at the back of a small house ⇨ ↑ backyard

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