Meaning of ZONE in English


I. zone 1 W3 /zəʊn $ zoʊn/ BrE AmE noun [countable]

[ Date: 1400-1500 ; Language: Latin ; Origin: zona 'belt, zone' , from Greek zone ]

1 . a large area that is different from other areas around it in some way:

San Francisco and Tokyo are both located in earthquake zones.

The government has set up a special economic zone to promote private enterprise.

2 . in the zone informal having all your attention on what you are doing, especially playing a sport, and doing it well:

When I’m in the zone, every shot seems easy.

⇨ buffer zone at ↑ buffer 1 (3), ⇨ ↑ no-fly zone , ↑ time zone

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▪ danger zone

Civilians were told to leave the danger zone.

▪ a war/battle/combat zone

Planes were diverted to avoid flying over the war zone.

▪ an earthquake zone (=where earthquakes are quite likely to happen)

It’s not advisable to build nuclear reactors in an earthquake zone.

▪ a disaster zone

The damage is so serious that the government has declared the city a disaster zone.

▪ an economic zone (=an area with special trade or tax conditions)

The area has been made a special economic zone.

▪ an enterprise zone (=where businesses are encouraged)

Small businesses predominated in the enterprise zone.

▪ a no-parking zone

You can’t leave your car here – it’s a no-parking zone.

▪ a pedestrian zone (=where no vehicles are allowed)

The main part of the city centre is a pedestrian zone.

▪ a 20 mph/30 mph etc zone (=where vehicles’ speed is limited to 20 mph, 30 mph etc)

He was doing 42 mph in a 30 mph zone.

▪ a demilitarized zone (=where soldiers and military activities are not allowed)

The demilitarized zone between Iraq and Kuwait was created after the first Gulf war.

▪ a no-fly zone (=an area that aircraft are not allowed to fly in)

the no-fly zone over Iraq

▪ a nuclear-free/smoke-free etc zone (=where nuclear weapons, smoking etc is not allowed)

The county council offices are a smoke-free zone.

■ verbs

▪ set up/establish/create a zone

The government intends to set up an enterprise zone in the region.

▪ enter a zone

He didn’t see the sign saying he’d entered a 20 mph zone.

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▪ area a part of a town or country, or of the world:

They live in a very wealthy area.


coastal areas

▪ region a large area of a country or the world:

the northwest region of Russia


desert regions

▪ zone an area that is different from other areas around it in some way:

a war zone


a no-parking zone


We crossed two different time zonesareas where there is a particular time compared to the rest of the world.

▪ district one of the areas a city or town is officially divided into, or an area of a city where a particular group live or an activity happens:

the Chelsea district of Manhattan

| the business/financial/theatre etc district :

the financial district of London

▪ neighbourhood British English , neighborhood American English /ˈneɪbəhʊd $ -ər-/ an area of a town where people live:

a friendly neighbourhood


There are lots of trees in our neighborhood.

▪ suburb an area outside the centre of a city, where people live:

a suburb of Boston

▪ quarter an area of a town or city where people of a particular nationality live:

the French quarter of New Orleans

▪ slum an area of a city that is in very bad condition, where many poor people live:

He grew up in the slums of East London.

▪ ghetto an area of a city where poor people of a particular race or class live:

a black baby born in the ghetto

II. zone 2 BrE AmE verb

[transitive usually passive] American English if an area of land is zoned, it is officially kept separate from other land so that it can be used for a particular purpose:

The land is currently zoned for residential use.

zone out phrasal verb informal

to stop paying attention because you are bored or tired, or because you have taken drugs:

What? Oh, sorry – I was just zoning out there for a minute.

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