Meaning of BIT in English


I. noun Etymology: Middle English ~t, from Old English ~e act of ~ing; akin to Old English bītan ~e Date: 14th century 1. a. the ~ing or cutting edge or part of a tool, a replaceable part of a compound tool that actually performs the function (as drilling or boring) for which the whole tool is designed, the jaws of tongs or pincers, something ~ten or held with the teeth:, the usually steel part of a bridle inserted in the mouth of a horse, the rimmed mouth end on the stem of a pipe or cigar holder, something that curbs or restrains, the part of a key that enters the lock and acts on the bolt and tumblers, II. transitive verb (~ted; ~ting) Date: 1583 1. to put a ~ in the mouth of (a horse), to control as if with a ~, to form a ~ on (a key), III. noun Etymology: Middle English, from Old English ~a; akin to Old English bītan ~e Date: before 12th century a small quantity of food, 2. a small piece or quantity of some material thing, b. a small coin, a unit of value equal to 1/8 of a dollar, something small or unimportant of its kind: as, a brief period ; while , an indefinite usually small degree, extent, or amount , c. a small part usually with spoken lines in a theatrical performance, a usually short theatrical routine , the aggregate of items, situations, or activities appropriate to a given style, genre, or role , IV. noun Etymology: binary digit Date: 1948 a unit of computer information equivalent to the result of a choice between two alternatives (as yes or no, on or off ), the physical representation of a ~ by an electrical pulse, a magnetized spot, or a hole whose presence or absence indicates data

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