Meaning of ELASTIC in English


I. adjective Etymology: New Latin ~us, from Late Greek elastos ductile, beaten, from Greek elaunein to drive, beat out; probably akin to Greek ēlythe he went, Old Irish luid Date: 1674 1. capable of recovering size and shape after deformation, relating to or being a collision between particles in which the total kinetic energy of the particles remains unchanged, capable of recovering quickly especially from depression or disappointment , capable of being easily stretched or expanded and resuming former shape ; flexible , 4. capable of ready change or easy expansion or contraction ; not rigid or constricted , receptive to new ideas ; adaptable , ~ally adverb Synonyms: see: ~ II. noun Date: 1847 1. easily stretched rubber usually prepared in cords, strings, or bands, rubber band , 2. an ~ fabric usually made of yarns containing rubber, something made from this fabric

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