Meaning of SIMPLE in English


I. adjective (~r; ~st) see: same Date: 13th century free from guile ; innocent , 2. free from vanity ; modest , free from ostentation or display , of humble origin or modest position , 4. lacking in knowledge or expertise , b. stupid , mentally retarded, not socially or culturally sophisticated ; naive , 5. sheer , unmixed , free of secondary complications , c. having only one main clause and no subordinate clauses , having no modifiers, complements, or objects, constituting a basic element ; fundamental , not made up of many like units , free from elaboration or figuration , 7. a. not subdivided into branches or leaflets , consisting of a single carpel, developing from a single ovary , controlled by a single gene , not limited or restricted ; unconditional , readily understood or performed , specifying exact values for one or more statistical parameters, ~ness noun Synonyms: see: ~ see: easy II. noun Date: 14th century 1. a person of humble birth ; commoner , b. a rude or credulous person ; ignoramus , a mentally retarded person, 2. a medicinal plant, a vegetable drug having only one ingredient, one component of a complex

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