Meaning of SIMPLE in English

adj. & n.


1. easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty (a simple explanation; a simple task).

2 not complicated or elaborate; without luxury or sophistication.

3 not compound; consisting of or involving only one element or operation etc.

4 absolute, unqualified, straightforward (the simple truth; a simple majority).

5 foolish or ignorant; gullible, feeble-minded (am not so simple as to agree to that).

6 plain in appearance or manner; unsophisticated, ingenuous, artless.

7 of low rank; humble, insignificant (simple people).

8 Bot. a consisting of one part. b (of fruit) formed from one pistil.

--n. archaic 1 a herb used medicinally.

2 a medicine made from it.

Phrases and idioms:

simple eye an eye of an insect, having only one lens. simple fracture a fracture of the bone only, without a skin wound. simple harmonic motion see HARMONIC. simple interest interest payable on a capital sum only (cf. compound interest (see COMPOUND)). simple interval Mus. an interval of one octave or less. simple machine any of the basic mechanical devices for applying a force (e.g. an inclined plane, wedge, or lever). simple sentence a sentence with a single subject and predicate. Simple Simon a foolish person (from the nursery-rhyme character). simple time Mus. a time with two, three, or four beats in a bar.


simpleness n.

Etymology: ME f. OF f. L simplus

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