Meaning of SLAB in English


I. noun Etymology: Middle English ~be Date: 14th century a thick plate or slice (as of stone, wood, or bread): as, the outside piece cut from a log in squaring it, concrete pavement (as of a road), c. a flat rectangular architectural element that is usually formed of a single piece or mass , a rectangular building having little width with respect to its length and usually height, something that resembles a ~ (as in size, shape, or density) , ~like adjective II. transitive verb (~bed; ~bing) Date: 1703 1. to remove an outer ~ from (as a log), to divide or form into ~s, to cover or support (as a roadbed or roof) with ~s, to put on thickly, III. adjective Etymology: akin to Middle English ~ben to wallow, obsolete Danish ~ muck Date: 1605 thick , viscous

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