Meaning of SLAB in English

[slab] n [ME slabbe] (14c) 1: a thick plate or slice (as of stone, wood, or bread): as a: the outside piece cut from a log in squaring it b: concrete pavement (as of a road); specif: a strip of concrete pavement laid as a single unjointed piece c (1): a flat rectangular architectural element that is usu. formed of a single piece or mass "a concrete foundation ~" (2): a rectangular building having little width with respect to its length and usu. height

2: something that resembles a slab (as in size) "backed up by a solid ~ of reference material --Times Lit. Supp." -- adj

[2]slab vt slabbed ; (1703) 1 a: to remove an outer slab from (as a log) b: to divide or form into slabs

2: to cover or support (as a roadbed or roof) with slabs

3: to put on thickly [3]slab adj [prob. of Scand origin; akin to obs. Dan slab slippery] (1605) dial chiefly Eng: thick, viscous

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