Meaning of SPIRE in English

I. noun Etymology: Middle English, from Old English spīr; akin to Middle Dutch spier blade of grass Date: before 12th century a slender tapering blade or stalk (as of grass), the upper tapering part of something (as a tree or antler) ; pinnacle , 3. a tapering roof or analogous pyramidal construction surmounting a tower, steeple , II. intransitive verb (~d; spiring) Date: 14th century to rise like a ~, III. noun Etymology: Latin spira coil, from Greek speira; perhaps akin to Greek sparton rope, esparto Date: 1545 1. spiral , coil , the inner or upper part of a spiral gastropod shell consisting of all the whorls except the whorl in contact with the body, IV. intransitive verb (~d; spiring) Date: 1591 to rise in or as if in a spiral

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