Meaning of WARP in English


I. noun Etymology: Middle English, from Old English wearp; akin to Old High German warf ~, Old English weorpan to throw, Old Norse verpa Date: before 12th century 1. a series of yarns extended lengthwise in a loom and crossed by the weft, foundation , base , a rope for ~ing or mooring a ship or boat, 3. \~ (II)] a twist or curve that has developed in something originally flat or straight , a mental aberration, ~age noun II. verb Date: 14th century transitive verb to arrange (yarns) so as to form a ~, 2. to turn or twist out of or as if out of shape, to cause to judge, choose, or act wrongly or abnormally ; pervert , distort , to deflect from a course, to move (as a ship) by hauling on a line attached to a fixed object, intransitive verb to become ~ed, to move a ship by ~ing, see: deform ~er noun

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