Meaning of BRACKET in English



Function: transitive verb

Date: circa 1847

1 a : to place within or as if within brackets <editorial comments are bracket ed > <news stories bracket ed by commercials> b : to eliminate from consideration < bracket off politics> c : to extend around so as to encompass : INCLUDE <test pressures ⋯ which bracket virtually the entire range of passenger-car tire pressures ― Consumer Reports >

2 : to furnish or fasten with brackets

3 : to put in the same category or group < bracket ed in a tie for third>

4 a : to get the range on (a target) by firing over and short <there were mortar rounds bracket ing the area ― Ed Bradley> b : to establish the limits of < bracket ed the problem neatly> c : to take photographs of at more than one exposure in order to ensure that the desired exposure is obtained

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