Meaning of BUTTON in English



Function: verb

Inflected Form: but · toned ; but · ton · ing \ ' b ə t-ni ŋ , ' b ə -t ə n-i ŋ \

Date: 14th century

transitive verb

1 : to furnish or decorate with buttons

2 a : to pass (a button) through a buttonhole or loop b : to close or fasten with buttons ― often used with up < button up your overcoat>

3 a : to close (the lips) to prevent speech < button your lip> b : to close or seal tightly ― usually used with up < button up the house for winter>

intransitive verb : to have buttons for fastening <this dress button s at the back>

– but · ton · er \ ' b ə t-n ə r, ' b ə -t ə n- ə r \ noun

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