Meaning of BUTTON in English


/ ˈbʌtn; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


a small round piece of metal, plastic, etc. that is sewn onto a piece of clothing and used for fastening two parts together :

( BrE )

to do up / undo your buttons

( NAmE )

to button / unbutton your buttons

to sew on a button

shirt buttons


a small part of a machine that you press to make it work :

the play / stop / rewind button

Adam pressed a button and waited for the lift.

Choose 'printer' from the menu and click with the right mouse button.

The windows slide down at the touch of a button .

—see also push-button


( especially NAmE ) a badge , especially one with a message printed on it

—see also belly button


see bright adjective

■ verb


[ vn ] button sth (up) to fasten sth with buttons :

She hurriedly buttoned (up) her blouse.


[ v ] button (up) to be fastened with buttons :

[ v ]

The dress buttons (up) at the back.


- button it!

- on the button

- push all the (right) buttons

- push sb's buttons



Middle English : from Old French bouton , of Germanic origin and related to the verb butt .

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