Meaning of DOMAIN in English


Pronunciation: d ō - ' m ā n, d ə -

Function: noun

Etymology: alteration of Middle English demayne, from Anglo-French demeine, from Latin dominium, from dominus

Date: 15th century

1 a : complete and absolute ownership of land ― compare EMINENT DOMAIN b : land so owned

2 : a territory over which dominion is exercised

3 : a region distinctively marked by some physical feature <the domain of rushing streams, tall trees, and lakes>

4 : a sphere of knowledge, influence, or activity <the domain of art>

5 : the set of elements to which a mathematical or logical variable is limited specifically : the set on which a function is defined

6 : any of the small randomly oriented regions of uniform magnetization in a ferromagnetic substance


8 : the highest taxonomic category in biological classification ranking above the kingdom

9 : any of the three-dimensional subunits of a protein that are formed by the folding of its linear peptide chain and that together make up its tertiary structure

10 : a subdivision of the Internet consisting of computers or sites usually with a common purpose (as providing commercial information) and denoted in Internet addresses by a unique abbreviation (as com or gov ) also : DOMAIN NAME

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