Meaning of DOMAIN in English

/ dəˈmeɪn; dəʊ-; NAmE doʊ-/ noun


an area of knowledge or activity; especially one that sb is responsible for :

The care of older people is being placed firmly within the domain of the family.

Physics used to be very much a male domain.

—see also public domain


lands owned or ruled by a particular person, government, etc., especially in the past :

The Spice Islands were within the Spanish domains.


( computing ) a set of websites on the Internet which end with the same group of letters, for example '.com', '.org'


( mathematics ) the range of possible values of a particular variable



late Middle English (denoting heritable or landed property): from French domaine , alteration (by association with Latin dominus lord) of Old French demeine belonging to a lord, from Latin dominicus , from dominus lord, master.

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