Meaning of NULL in English


Pronunciation: ' n ə l

Function: adjective

Etymology: Anglo-French nul, literally, not any, from Latin nullus, from ne- not + ullus any; akin to Latin unus one ― more at NO , ONE

Date: circa 1567

1 : having no legal or binding force : INVALID

2 : amounting to nothing : NIL

3 : having no value : INSIGNIFICANT

4 a : having no elements < null set> b : having zero as a limit < null sequence> c of a matrix : having all elements equal to zero

5 a : indicating usually by a zero reading on a scale when a given quantity (as current or voltage) is zero or when two quantities are equal ― used of an instrument b : being or relating to a method of measurement in which an unknown quantity (as of electric current) is compared with a known quantity of the same kind and found equal by a null detector

6 : of, being, or relating to zero

7 : ZERO 1C

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