Meaning of SPIN in English


Function: noun

Date: 1831

1 a : the act of spinning or twirling something also : an instance of spinning or of spinning something <doing axels and spin s > <an assortment of spin s and lobs> b : the whirling motion imparted (as to a ball or top) by spinning c : an excursion or ride in a vehicle especially on wheels <go for a spin >

2 a : an aerial maneuver or flight condition consisting of a combination of roll and yaw with the longitudinal axis of the airplane inclined steeply downward b : a plunging descent or downward spiral c : a state of mental confusion <all in a spin >

3 a : a quantum characteristic of an elementary particle that is visualized as the rotation of the particle on its axis and that is responsible for measurable angular momentum and magnetic moment b : the angular momentum associated with such rotation whose magnitude is quantized and which may assume either of two possible directions also : the angular momentum of a system of such particles derived from the spins and orbital motions of the particles

4 a : a usually ingenious twist <puts an Asian spin on the pasta dishes> b (1) : a special point of view, emphasis, or interpretation presented for the purpose of influencing opinion <put the most favorable spin on the findings> (2) : SPIN CONTROL

– spin · less \ ' spin-l ə s \ adjective

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