Meaning of ACKNOWLEDGE in English

[ac.knowl.edge] vt -edged ; [ac- (as in accord) + knowledge] (15c) 1: to recognize the rights, authority, or status of

2: to disclose knowledge of or agreement with 3 a: to express gratitude or obligation for b: to take notice of c: to make known the receipt of

4: to recognize as genuine or valid "~ a debt" syn acknowledge, admit, own, avow, confess mean to disclose against one's will or inclination. acknowledge implies the disclosing of something that has been or might be concealed "acknowledged an earlier peccadillo". admit implies reluctance to disclose, grant, or concede and refers usu. to facts rather than their implications "admitted the project was over budget". own implies acknowledging something in close relation to oneself "must own I know little about computers". avow implies boldly declaring, often in the face of hostility, what one might be expected to be silent about "avowed that he was a revolutionary". confess may apply to an admission of a weakness, failure, omission, or guilt "confessed a weakness for sweets".

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