Meaning of BANDY in English


[ban.dy] vb ban.died ; [prob. fr. MF bander to be tight, to bandy, fr. bande strip--more at band] vt (1577) 1: to bat (as a tennis ball) to and fro

2. a: to toss from side to side or pass about from one to another often in a careless or inappropriate manner b: exchange; esp: to exchange (words) argumentatively c: to discuss lightly or banteringly d: to use in a glib or offhand manner--often used with about "~ these statistics about with considerable bravado --Richard Pollak" 3 archaic: to band together ~ vi 1 obs: contend

2. archaic: unite

[2]bandy n [perh. fr. MF bande, pp. of bander] (1693): a game similar to hockey and believed to be its prototype [3]bandy adj [prob. fr. bandy (hockey stick)] (1687) 1 of legs: bowed

2: bowlegged -- ban.dy-legged adj

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