Meaning of CANT in English


[cant] adj [ME, prob. fr. (assumed) MLG kant] (14c) dial Eng: lively, lusty

[2]cant vt (ca. 1543) 1: to give a cant or oblique edge to: bevel

2: to set at an angle: tilt 3 chiefly Brit: to throw with a lurch ~ vi 1: to pitch to one side: lean

2: slope [3]cant n [ME cante edge, prob. fr. MD or ONF; MD, edge, corner, fr. ONF, fr. L canthus, cantus iron tire, perh. of Celt origin; akin to W cant rim; perh. akin to Gk kanthos corner of the eye] (1603) 1 obs: corner, niche

2: an external angle (as of a building)

3: a log with one or more squared sides

4. a: an oblique or slanting surface b: inclination, slope [4]cant adj (1663) 1: having canted corners or sides

2: inclined

2. [5]cant vi [prob. fr. ONF canter to tell, lit., to sing, fr. L cantare--more at chant] (1567) 1: to talk or beg in a whining or singsong manner

2: to speak in cant or jargon

3: to talk hypocritically [6]cant n (1640) 1: affected singsong or whining speech

2. a: the private language of the underworld b obs: the phraseology peculiar to a religious class or sect c: jargon 2

3: a set or stock phrase

4: the expression or repetition of conventional or trite opinions or sentiments; esp: the insincere use of pious words

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