Meaning of CASH in English

[cash] n [modif. of MF or OIt; MF casse money box, fr. OIt cassa, fr. L capsa chest--more at case] (1596) 1: ready money

2: money or its equivalent (as a check) paid for goods or services at the time of purchase or delivery -- cash.less adj

[2]cash adj (1622): being a method of accounting that includes as income only what has been received in cash and as expenses only those paid in cash [3]cash vt (1811) 1: to pay or obtain cash for "~ a check"

2: to lead and win a bridge trick with (a card that is the highest remaining card of its suit) -- adj [4]cash n, pl cash [Pg caixa, fr. Tamil kacu, a small copper coin, fr. Skt karsa, a weight of gold or silver] (1598) 1: any of various coins of small value in China and southern India; esp: a Chinese coin with a square hole in the center

2: a unit of value equivalent to one cash

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