Meaning of CHARACTERISTIC in English


[] n (1664) 1: a distinguishing trait, quality, or property

2: the integral part of a common logarithm

3: the smallest positive integer n which for an operation in a ring or field yields 0 when any element is used n times with the operation

[2]characteristic adj (1665): revealing, distinguishing, or typical of an individual character -- adv syn characteristic, individual, peculiar, distinctive mean indicating a special quality or identity. characteristic applies to something that distinguishes or identifies a person or thing or class "responded with her characteristic wit". individual stresses qualities that distinguish one from all other members of the same kind or class "a highly individual writing style". peculiar applies to qualities possessed only by a particular individual or class or kind and stresses rarity or uniqueness "an eccentricity that is peculiar to the British". distinctive indicates qualities distinguishing and uncommon and often superior or praiseworthy "a distinctive aura of grace and elegance".

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