Meaning of COIL in English

[coil] n [origin unknown] (1567) 1: turmoil

2: trouble; also: everyday cares and worries "when we have shuffled off this mortal ~ --Shak."

[2]coil vb [F coillir, cuillir to gather--more at cull] vt (1611) 1: to wind into rings or spirals

2: to roll or twist into a shape resembling a coil ~ vi 1: to move in a circular or spiral course

2: to form or lie in a coil -- coil.abil.i.ty n [3]coil n (1627) 1 a (1): a series of loops (2): spiral b: a single loop of such a coil

2. a: a number of turns of wire wound around a core (as of iron) to create a magnetic field for an electromagnet or an induction coil b: induction coil

3: a series of connected pipes in rows, layers, or windings

4: a roll of postage stamps; also: a stamp from such a roll

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