Meaning of DOME in English


[dome] n [F, It, & L; F dome dome, cathedral, fr. It duomo cathedral, fr. ML domus church, fr. L, house; akin to Gk domos house, Skt dam] (1513) 1 archaic: a stately building: mansion

2: a large hemispherical roof or ceiling

3: a natural formation or structure that resembles the dome or cupola of a building

4: a form of crystal composed of planes parallel to a lateral axis that meet above in a horizontal edge like a roof

5: an upward fold in rock whose sides dip uniformly in all directions

6: a roofed sports stadium -- adj

[2]dome vb domed ; vt (1876) 1: to cover with a dome

2: to form into a dome ~ vi: to swell upward or outward like a dome

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