Meaning of DOME in English

I. ˈdōm noun

( -s )

Etymology: French, Italian, & Latin; French dôme dome, cathedral, from Italian duomo cathedral, from Medieval Latin domus church, from Latin, house — more at timber


a. archaic : a stately building : mansion

b. : resort , retreat — used especially with pleasure

the pleasure domes of Reno or Las Vegas — Jack Goodman

2. : a vaulted circular roof or ceiling

3. obsolete : a cathedral church

4. : a natural formation, a structure, or a projecting part arched and rounded that has some resemblance to a cupola or vaulted ceiling of a building:

a. : the upper part of a reverberatory furnace

b. : the roof of a vaulted cavern

c. : a rounded mountaintop or vast mound of ice

d. : an overhanging hemispherical space or area

the sun seeming to hang in a coppery dome

projected on the dome of the planetarium

e. : the vertical chamber on the top of a steam boiler or of a tank car

f. : the hemispherical or cylindrical roof of an astronomical observatory providing for rotation of the observing slit to any part of the sky


(1) : a glass-enclosed compartment built into the roof of a railroad car to permit upper-deck passengers an unobstructed view in every direction

adopted the dome car as standard equipment

(2) : astrodome

h. : the arching periphery of the carcass of a pneumatic tire

i. : a concave approximately quarter-spherical usually plaster structure backing and overhanging a theatrical stage

5. : the back inside cap or case of a jointed-case watch


a. : a form of crystal composed of planes parallel to a lateral axis which meet above in a horizontal edge like a roof — see brachydome , clinodome , macrodome , orthodome

b. : a form of crystal composed of only two faces intersecting along and astride of a symmetry plane regardless of the orientation of the line of their intersection


a. : a doubly plunging anticline that is broad in comparison with its length and consequently approximately circular or elliptical in plan : a quaquaversal fold

the Ozark dome is many miles in diameter

some small and steep-sided salt domes in Louisiana

at the top of a dome oil and gas may have collected

b. : a rock mass in domical form

the granite domes of the Yosemite

c. : a rounded snow peak

d. : a broad gently sloping volcano — called also shield volcano, volcanic dome

8. : a rounded isolated elevation on the ocean bottom at depths greater than 100 fathoms

9. chiefly slang : a person's head

10. : a ball-shaped or mushroom-shaped clothing accessory:

a. : a raised button

b. : snap fastener

11. : a rounded-arch element in the wave tracing in an electroencephalogram

II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

transitive verb

1. : to cover with or as if with a dome

2. : to press, bend, or thrust up into a dome

upward pressure from underlying magma domes the surface — Journal of Geology

shaping the cover with a doming mallet

intransitive verb

1. : to swell upward or outward like a dome

2. : to arch overhead in a dome (as of the sky)

III. noun

: a roofed sports stadium

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