Meaning of FRACTURE in English


[frac.ture] n [ME, fr. L fractura, fr. fractus] (15c) 1: the result of fracturing: break

2. a: the act or process of breaking or the state of being broken; esp: the breaking of hard tissue (as bone) b: the rupture (as by tearing) of soft tissue "kidney ~"

3: the general appearance of a freshly broken surface of a mineral

[2]fracture vb frac.tured ; vt (1612) 1 a: to cause a fracture in: break "~ a rib" b: rupture, tear

2. a: to damage or destroy as if by rupturing b: to cause great disorder in c: to break up: fractionate d: to go beyond the limits of (as rules): violate "fractured the English language with malaprops --Goodman Ace" ~ vi: to undergo fracture

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