Meaning of FURTHER in English


[fur.ther] adv [ME, fr. OE furthor (akin to OHG furthar further), compar., fr. the base of OE forth forth] (bef. 12c) 1: farther 1 "my ponies are tired, and I have ~ to go --Thomas Hardy"

2: in addition: moreover

3: to a greater degree or extent "~ annoyed by a second intrusion" usage see farther

[2]further vt fur.thered ; (bef. 12c): to help forward: promote syn see advance -- n [3]further adj (13c) 1: farther 1 "rode ... across the valley and up the ~ slopes --T. E. Lawrence"

2: going or extending beyond: additional "~ volumes" "~ education" usage see farther

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