Meaning of INVERSION in English


[in.ver.sion] n (1586) 1: a reversal of position, order, form, or relationship: as a (1): a change in normal word order; esp: the placement of a verb before its subject (2): the process or result of changing or reversing the relative positions of the notes of a musical interval, chord, or phrase b: the condition of being turned inward or inside out c: a breaking off of a chromosome section and its subsequent reattachment in inverted position; also: a chromosomal section that has undergone this process

2: the act or process of inverting 3 a: a change in the order of the terms of a mathematical proportion effected by inverting each ratio b: the operation of forming the inverse of a magnitude, a function, an operation, or an element

4. a: the conversion of dextrorotatory sucrose into a levorotatory mixture of glucose and fructose b: a change from one stereochemical figuration at a chiral center in a usu. organic molecule to the opposite configuration that is brought about by a reaction in which a substitution of one group is made for a different group

5: homosexuality

6: an increase of temperature with height through a layer of air

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