Meaning of LABEL in English

[la.bel] n [ME, fr. MF] (14c) 1 archaic: band, fillet; specif: one attached to a document to hold an appended seal

2: a heraldic charge that consists of a narrow horizontal band with usu. three pendants 3 a: a slip (as of paper or cloth) inscribed and affixed to something for identification or description b: written or printed matter accompanying an article to furnish identification or other information c: a descriptive or identifying word or phrase: as (1): epithet (2): a word or phrase used with a dictionary definition to provide additional information d: a usu. radioactive isotope used in labeling

4: an adhesive stamp (as for postage or revenue)

5. a (1): a brand of commercial recordings issued under a usu. trademarked name (2): a recording so issued (3): a company issuing such recordings b: the brand name of a retail store selling clothing, a clothing manufacturer, or a fashion designer

[2]label vt la.beled or la.belled ; or la.bel.ling (1601) 1 a: to affix a label to b: to describe or designate with or as if with a label

2. a: to distinguish (an element or atom) by using an isotope distinctive in some manner (as in mass or radioactivity) b: to distinguish (as a compound or cell) by introducing a traceable constituent (as a dye or labeled atom) -- adj -- n

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