Meaning of LABEL in English

I. noun


care label

designer label (= an expensive brand from a well-known designer )

own label

sticky tape/label etc British English (= tape etc that is made so it will stick to surfaces )




Opposite the Cathay, one of the many new fashion emporiums is crammed with shoppers browsing the designer labels .


You can bosh it out, use the same strategies as the independent record labels .

If not, it will be released under ShadowMan Entertainment Inc., their independent label .

McLaren recorded Duck Rock for a small, independent record label called Charisma.

An additional $ 50 million would go to independent labels in each of those five years.

Staying on an independent label had maintained their credibility and an album of itchy, irresistible pop was consummate for most observers.

The majority of new albums came from independent labels , where lower overhead lowers the break-even point.

With their debut album for the superb independent label Dorado, D*Note are going to go clear.

She sang at clubs and was offered a recording contract by a small independent label .


Well known for all music styles, and especially noted for monthly nights hosted by other clubs or record labels .

The closings reduced shelf space, which hurt record labels .

But joy turned to despair as record label Arista axed Heather after poor sales of the album.

Do old radio broadcasts, minor record labels and second-rate artists merit box sets?

The amount they contribute is up to each individual and it is likely that big record labels could complain.

Hardie has one big obstacle: The five big record labels haven't agreed to let him to sell their music.

The absence had nothing to do with the group itself; changes and instability within the record label were to blame.

Major record labels hope Monday's ruling will force people to pay what Napster allowed them to get for free.


I'd scan the sticky label in the front to see the book's lineage of fellow-sufferers.



Secondly, there is a temptation to attach a diagnostic label to each condition so that it fits neatly on the problem list.

Observing the world around them, they attached labels to concepts.


The parcel is then sent, bearing this label , in the ordinary way but without payment being made at the counter.

Two other canisters bearing labels for radioactive material were also found, but preliminary tests failed to detect any radioactivity.

The firm's wines, mostly bearing its own distinctive labels , include a magnificent collection of ready-to-drink burgundy.

I reflected that every contribution to our sale could well bear such a label .

The state of this condensed milk was that it is packed in tins bearing labels .


When the garment you choose carries the GORE-TEX fabric label , you know it's guaranteed to keep you dry.

But you have to make sure they carry that label .

Irradiated food must carry labels acknowledging the fact.

Every stone a statement; every stone carrying an unwritten label .

The mattress should be at least 4-5in thick, either foam or sprung, and carry a fire-resistant label .

Everyday language does not carry labels to distinguish scientific talk from other forms of talk.


attach a label to sb/sth

Observing the world around them, they attached labels to concepts.


Labels on clothes should be removed for kids with sensitive skin.

At one time he was given the label "communist" for his opposition to the Vietnam war.

He objects to the sexist label - he doesn't think he's sexist at all.

Stacy blushes at the label "father" of the institution, but admits he likes it.

The group has just produced their new album on the Warner label .

Use a liquid fertilizer, following the directions on the label .


And I smelled the pungent stickiness of the glue when I pasted the labels on the matchboxes, table, and chairs.

But those labels are broadly applied.

Helios is the mid-price label published by Hyperion.

It was Elton John, a piano-playing singer-songwriter, who signed Sedaka to his new label .

Some consumer watchdogs are concerned that the labels on the bottles aren't clear enough.

Such labels bear a striking resemblance to advertising bill boards.

There are lots of companies who will take charge of this whole operation, including the printing and fixing of the labels.

This label reflects the apparent concentration of power in executives and the relative decline of legislatures' powers.

II. verb




Anyone with a foreign accent, including refugee children, were labelled as potential saboteurs.

Females are less likely than males to be labelled as delinquent and to be processed accordingly.

Cicourel suggests that certain groups are selected, processed and labelled as criminal.

One important issue we have not considered is what happens to the individual once he or she is labelled as criminal.

They confuse popularity with wealth, and you are labelled as stingy.

The kind to use for preference is any variety which is labelled as polyunsaturated or as high in polyunsaturates.

The proposal has therefore been labelled as just as propagandistic as Mussolini's act.

Noisy environment Quite justifiably, hospitals have been labelled as noisy environments.


Make sure that each tape is clearly labelled for every text on it, and give each text a number.

Products would have to be clearly labelled to identify the type of plastic they are made from.

Each one is labelled clearly with the title in large letters in the bottom right-hand corner.



Four charges under the food labelling regulations alleged the names used to describe the products did not mention soya protein.

April Fool's Day marked the entry into force of yet another food labelling law, the nutritional value directive.

But consumer groups, which have insisted that genetically modified foods should be labelled as such, rejected the plan.

We will improve standards of food labelling in close consultation with consumer representatives.


Campbell has labelled the commission's recommendations as sheer nonsense.

Children who are labelled "slow" usually get less attention from teachers.

Critics have unfairly labelled Young a racist.

She carefully labeled each jar with its contents and the date.

She lashed out at her critics who had labelled her a bimbo.

The unemployed are often labelled as lazy or unreliable.

When we're ready to label them as suspects, we'll release their descriptions.


And every writer seems to subdivide memory differently and use his own terms to label the different types.

Characteristics chosen for labelling may reflect domestic environmental priorities, and criteria used in different national schemes may vary widely.

Each one was labelled with a box number and contained a large brown envelope.

It urges manufacturers to label sugar on foods but stops short of demanding legislation.

Or, for the purposes of balance, label somebody a right Osvaldo.

Students can be asked to draw and label the picture.

The first and traditional conception of the company might be labelled the fiction/concession theory.

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