Meaning of MOVE in English


[move] vb moved ; [ME, fr. MF movoir, fr. L movere; prob. akin to Skt mivati he moves, pushes] vi (13c) 1 a (1): to go or pass to another place or in a certain direction with a continuous motion "moved into the shade" (2): to proceed toward a certain state or condition "moving up the executive ladder" "moved into second place in the tournament" (3): to become transferred during play "checkers ~ along diagonally adjacent squares" (4): to keep pace "moving with the times" b: to start away from some point or place: depart c: to change one's residence or location

2: to carry on one's life or activities in a specified environment "~s in the best circles"

3: to change position or posture: stir "told him to be quiet and not to ~"

4: to take action: act

5. a: to begin operating or functioning or working in a usual way b: to show marked activity "after a brief lull things really began to ~" c: to move a piece (as in chess or checkers) during one's turn

6: to make a formal request, application, or appeal 7: to change hands by being sold or rented "goods that were moving slowly"

8. of the bowels: evacuate ~ vt 1 a (1): to change the place or position of (2): to dislodge or displace from a fixed position: budge b: to transfer (as a piece in chess) from one position to another

2. a (1): to cause to go or pass from one place to another with a continuous motion "moved the flag slowly up and down" (2): to cause to advance b: to cause to operate or function: actuate "this button ~s the whole machine" c: to put into activity or rouse up from inactivity

3: to cause to change position or posture

4: to prompt or rouse to the doing of something: persuade "the report moved the faculty to take action"

5. a: to stir the emotions, feelings, or passions of "was deeply moved by such kindness" b: to affect in such a way as to lead to an indicated show of emotion "the story moved her to tears"

6. a obs: beg b: to make a formal application to 7: to propose formally in a deliberative assembly "moved adjournment" 8: to cause (the bowels) to void 9: to cause to change hands through sale or rent syn move, actuate, drive, impel mean to set or keep in motion. move is very general and implies no more than the fact of changing position "moved the furniture". actuate stresses transmission of power so as to work or set in motion "turbines actuated by waterpower". drive implies imp

[2]move n (1656) 1 a: the act of moving a piece (as in chess) b: the turn of a player to move

2. a: a step taken so as to gain an objective: maneuver "a ~ to end the dispute" b: the action of moving from a motionless position c: a change of residence or location d: an agile or deceptive action esp. in sports -- on the move 1: in a state of moving about from place to place "a salesman is constantly on the move"

2: in a state of moving ahead or making progress "said that civilization is always on the move"

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