Meaning of MOVE in English


v. 1 shift, stir, budge, make a move, go; proceed, advance, progress It is difficult to move in a strait-jacket The train is moving at a rate of sixty miles an hour. Don't move - I have a gun. 2 move house, move out, remove, move away, relocate, decamp, depart, change residence, emigrate, go or make off, transfer, Colloq take off (for), pull up stakes, Brit up sticks, Slang US split (for) When did you say you were moving to London? 3 shake (up), disturb, stir (up), agitate, affect, touch We moved heaven and earth to find a proper place for her to stay 4 affect, touch, stir, shake up, agitate, hit (hard), upset, strike, smite, disturb, ruffle, disquiet, have an (or a profound) effect (on), make a (deep) impression (on) The pictures of starving children moved everyone 5 provoke, arouse, excite, stir up, lead, rouse, stimulate At the end of the film, when she died, I was moved to tears 6 arouse, rouse, provoke, actuate, lead, prompt, spur, motivate, influence, impel, prod, remind, inspire, make His mention of families moved me to ask when he had last seen his father 7 propose, put forward or forth, forward, advance, submit, suggest, advocate, propound The question of budget was moved at the last meeting

n. 8 change, change-over, relocation, transfer, shift, removal My supervisor suggested a move to a different department 9 manoeuvre, device, trick, caper, dodge, ploy, stratagem, artifice, ruse, action, act, deed, Colloq gimmick Getting Diana to invite Colin was a very good move 10 turn, time, opportunity I have had my turn, now it's your move 11 gesture, gesticulation, action, motion, stirring One move and you're a dead man! 12 get a move on a get moving, begin, start, commence, get going, get under way, get started, stir or bestir oneself, Colloq get or start the ball rolling, get the show on the road, break the ice, get cracking, step on it or the gas He doesn't usually get a move on till noon b hurry, hasten, make haste, rush, run Get a move on down to the supermarket before it closes 13 on the move. a travelling, in transit, on the way, on one's way, on the road, on the go, moving She is always on the move and it is difficult to catch her b on the go, working, on the run, busy, occupied I have been on the move since six this morning c proceeding, progressing, advancing, moving ahead, succeeding, on the go It looks as if the industry is again on the move after a brief decline

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