Meaning of OBLIQUE in English


[oblique] adj [ME oblike, fr. L obliquus] (15c) 1 a: neither perpendicular nor parallel: inclined b: having the axis not perpendicular to the base "an ~ cone" c: having no right angle "an ~ triangle"

2. a: not straightforward: indirect; also: obscure b: devious, underhanded

3: situated obliquely and having one end not inserted on bone "~ muscles"

4: taken from an airplane with the camera directed horizontally or diagonally downward "an ~ photograph" -- adv -- oblique.ness n

[2]oblique n (ca. 1608) 1: something (as a line) that is oblique

2: any of several oblique muscles; esp: any of the thin flat muscles forming the middle and outer layers of the lateral walls of the abdomen [3]oblique adv (1667): at a 45 degree angle "to the right ~, march"

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