Meaning of POD in English


[pod] n [origin unknown] (1573) 1: a bit socket in a brace

2: a straight groove or channel in the barrel of an auger

[2]pod n [prob. alter. of cod bag--more at codpiece] (1688) 1: a dry dehiscent pericarp or fruit that is composed of one or more carpels; esp: legume

2. a: an anatomical pouch b: a grasshopper egg case

3: a tapered and roughly cylindrical body of ore or mineral

4: a usu. protective container or housing: as a: a streamlined compartment (as for fuel) under the wings or fuselage of an aircraft b: a compartment (as for personnel, a power unit, or an instrument) on a ship or craft [3]pod vi pod.ded ; pod.ding (1734): to produce pods [4]pod n [origin unknown] (1832): a number of animals (as whales) clustered together

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