Meaning of POD in English


I. ˈpäd noun

( -s )

Etymology: origin unknown

1. : a bit socket in a brace

2. : a straight groove or channel in the barrel of a pod auger or similar tool

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: probably alteration (influenced by the p of pea, with which it is often associated) of cod (I)

1. : a dry dehiscent seed vessel or fruit that is either monocarpellary (as a legume, silique, or follicle) or composed of two or more carpels (as a capsule) ; specifically : legume


a. : bag , pouch , sac ; especially : a musk bag

b. : a protective envelope (as a cocoon)

c. : a grasshopper egg case

3. : a number of animals (as seals or whales) closely clustered together : school

we lowered for a pod of four or five whales — Herman Melville

4. : potbelly 1a


a. : a roughly cylindrical ore body dwindling at each end like a cigar

b. : a similarly shaped mineral aggregate in schist or gneiss

6. : a streamlined often detachable compartment slung under the wings or fuselage of an aircraft and used as a container (as for a jet engine, cargo, or weapons)

jet pod

rocket pod

fuel pod

III. verb

( podded ; podded ; podding ; pods )

intransitive verb

1. : to assemble in pods

2. : to produce pods

rows of podding peas on hazel sticks — H.E.Bates

transitive verb

: to drive (seals) into pods

IV. noun

: a detachable compartment (as for personnel, a power unit, or an instrument) on a spacecraft

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