Meaning of POSTURE in English


[pos.ture] n [F, fr. It postura, fr. L positura, fr. positus, pp. of ponere to place--more at position] (ca. 1586) 1 a: the position or bearing of the body whether characteristic or assumed for a special purpose "erect ~" b: the pose of a model or artistic figure

2: state or condition at a given time esp. with respect to capability in particular circumstances "maintain a competitive ~ in the market" "put the country in a ~ of defense"

3: a conscious mental or outward behavioral attitude "takes a neutral ~ toward the discussions"

[2]posture vb pos.tured ; vt (ca. 1645): to cause to assume a given posture: pose ~ vi 1: to assume a posture; esp: to strike a pose for effect

2: to assume an artificial or pretended attitude: attitudinize -- n

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