Meaning of POSTURE in English


/ ˈpɒstʃə(r); NAmE ˈpɑːs-/ noun , verb

■ noun


[ U , C ] the position in which you hold your body when standing or sitting :

a comfortable / relaxed posture

upright / sitting / supine postures

Good posture is essential when working at the computer.

Back pains can be the result of bad posture .


[ C , usually sing. ] your attitude to a particular situation or the way in which you deal with it :

The government has adopted an aggressive posture on immigration.

■ verb

[ v ] posture (as sth) ( formal ) to pretend to be sth that you are not by saying and doing things in order to impress or trick people



late 16th cent. (denoting the relative position of one thing to another): from French , from Italian postura , from Latin positura position, from posit- placed, from the verb ponere .

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