Meaning of ROOF in English

[roof] n, pl roofs [ME, fr. OE hrof; akin to ON hrof roof of a boathouse and perh. to OCS stropu roof] (bef. 12c) 1 a (1): the cover of a building (2): material used for a roof: roofing b: the roof of a dwelling conventionally designating the home itself "didn't have a ~ over my head" "they share the same ~"

2. a: the highest point: summit b: an upper limit: ceiling 3 a: the vaulted upper boundary of the mouth b: a covering structure of any of various parts of the body "~ of the skull"

4: something suggesting a roof: as a: a canopy of leaves and branches b: the top over the passenger section of a vehicle -- roofed adj -- roof.less adj -- adj

[2]roof vt (15c) 1 a: to cover with or as if with a roof b: to provide with a particular kind of roof or roofing--often used in combination "slate-roofed houses"

2: to constitute a roof over -- n

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