Meaning of ROOF in English

n. & v.

--n. (pl. roofs or disp. rooves)

1. a the upper covering of a building, usu. supported by its walls. b the top of a covered vehicle. c the top inner surface of an oven, refrigerator, etc.

2 the overhead rock in a cave or mine etc.

3 the branches or the sky etc. overhead.

4 (of prices etc.) the upper limit or ceiling.

1. (often foll. by in, over) cover with or as with a roof.

2 be the roof of.

Phrases and idioms:

go through the roof colloq. (of prices etc.) reach extreme or unexpected heights. hit (or go through or raise) the roof colloq. become very angry. roof-garden a garden on the flat roof of a building. roof of the mouth the palate. a roof over one's head somewhere to live. roof-rack a framework for carrying luggage etc. on the roof of a vehicle. roof-tree the ridge-piece of a roof. under one roof in the same building. under a person's roof in a person's house (esp. with ref. to hospitality).


roofed adj. (also in comb.). roofless adj.

Etymology: OE hrof

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