Meaning of SAW in English

[saw] past of see

[2]saw n [ME sawe, fr. OE sagu; akin to OHG sega saw, L secare to cut] (bef. 12c): a hand or power tool or a machine used to cut hard material (as wood, metal, or bone) and equipped usu. with a toothed blade or disk -- adj [3]saw vb sawed ; sawed or sawn ; vt (13c) 1: to cut with a saw

2: to produce or form by cutting with a saw

3: to slash as though with a saw ~ vi 1 a: to use a saw b: to cut with or as if with a saw

2: to undergo cutting with a saw

3: to make motions as though using a saw "~ed at the reins" -- n [4]saw n [ME sawe, fr. OE sagu discourse; akin to OHG & ON saga tale, OE secgan to say--more at say] (bef. 12c): maxim, proverb

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